Message from Chairman

“As Hong Kong moves towards carbon neutrality in 2050, being a sustainable company is no longer an option, but a requirement to all industries. I am confident that the food and beverage industry will be able to thrive under this transition and will join hands to drive impactful sustainability results within the sector.”

Message from CEO

“Caring about sustainability has always been the heart of our company’s values. That is why we provide only the best quality of healthy and organic products to our consumers.”

Message from Head of Sustainability & CSR

“It is time to revolutionize our industry. Sustainability is no longer for window dressing in companies but a reality we must face to reach carbon neutrality. And Greendotdot is ready to make that change.”

Structure and Governance

We believe in responsible business, responsible to our stakeholders. We strive to maintain and develop professional and ethical standards in all our operations. We continually focus on our commitment to sound business practices in every aspect of our stakeholder relationships while protecting human rights like equal opportunity, safe and healthy working environments, and fair employment practices.

Governance in crucial at Greendotdot and is based on transparency and engagement with stakeholders, including associations and government bodies. Sustainability is a standing topic agenda item for all scheduled business meeting to ensure everyone at the company has the latest information in sustainability.

Business conduct and ethics
Greendotdot endeavours to adhere to the highest ethical standards throughout its operations globally. This commitment means that we comply with the law. It also means treating customers, suppliers, and colleagues fairly, with openness and respect. Greendotdot’s code of business conduct and ethics and supporting policies (together our “code of conduct”) is a statement of principles for conducting business in a legal and ethical manner. All Greendotdot employees and our board of directors, as well as long-term consultants and key suppliers are required to understand and adhere to its principles in conducting Greendotdot business. Greendotdot’s commitment to ethical conduct is of paramount importance and there is focus on these high standards because of our deep commitment to all our stakeholders.

Greendotdot has a strict policy against the use of slavery and human trafficking throughout its supply chain; both to its worldwide operations and its dealings with suppliers. Greendotdot requires its suppliers to sign and comply with its policy.

Management Structure

The sustainability body of the company oversees the sustainability aspects of every business unit in the organization. Each business unit has a representative to take part in the sustainability body, and to provide relevant data and expertise to strategize our targets and goals.

For a healthier and better planet

For a healthier and better lifestyle

For cleaner, sustainable and safer products for our people

Targets and Strategy
Our effort to improve our current sustainability performance is informed and prioritized by materiality based on the SASB framework. Based on the input from our stakeholder, we have identified the most relevant sustainability issues to Greendotdot and those where we can have the most impact. The pillars of our programme and our sustainability framework were also validated by the same process.

We believe a detailed materiality analysis is an important took for identifying the most significant sustainability issues with respect to both our business and our stakeholders’ priorities.

Our identified pillars are planet, people and product. They act has the central pillars that guide our analysis of the material issues. As a diverse group across the globe, these pillars serve as a framework under which local operations can be defined as their own policies and practices.


Commitment to carbonneutrality

  • Organic herb garden
  • Organic family cooking class
  • Sustainable farm visit
  • Low carbon vegetarian online seminar
  • Joined the CLP green reward scheme
  • Joined Hong Kong Chinese Manufacture Association ESG+ Pledge
  • FoodSmart exhibition 2022 Green Shop Alliance Award 2022 – Silver
  • TVB ESG Special Commendation Award 2022


Po Leung Kuk quarterly health product sponsors to the elderly


In Progress